Ethos and Values

School Vision

‘We want the best for and the best from everyone in our learning community.’

School Mission

‘To be recognised as an outstanding provider of education.’

School Strategic Pillars

We are clear on our vision and mission for Swallownest Primary School. Our strategic pillars are important to achieving this; here is a bit more information on them:

Attainment & Progress:

  • Exceptional attainment and progress throughout the whole school across all subjects, ensuring our children achieve the best possible outcomes.


  • Effective leadership and management at all levels.


  • Inspirational teaching practice and exceptional learning in all classes.

  • A highly trained and motivated workforce.


  • Efficient financial management systems linked to educational initiatives in order to improve outcomes for all.

Our strategic pillars are not mutually exclusive; they complement and enable each other and are the foundation on which the success of our school will be built.

School Values

  • We will provide a safe and secure environment with children at the heart of everything we do.

  • We will provide the best education for our children – in return we expect them to work hard and behave well.

  • We will provide the best support for adults in their careers – in return we expect adults to work very hard for the children in their care and for themselves, ensuring professional behaviour helps the school to build a GOLD standard

  • We will provide the best support for parents and carers to ensure they are able to provide safe and happy home environments for their children – in return we expect them to support their children and support the school to provide a ‘team’ approach to ensuring GOLD standard outcomes for our children.

School Standards 

Investing in GOLD standard

Gold is precious, it has high value, the world’s economies are based around it. It is worth our investment. Everything we do as a school is investing in our learning community ensuring that we shine.

GOLD standard is not something to aim for but rather a minimum expectation for everything adults and children do in school. If it’s not GOLD, then it’s not good enough. This links really nicely to all of our GOLDEN RULES. These are SOCIAL rules for life (for everyone in our learning community):

  • We make our problems smaller so that we can sort them out quickly and feel happy again.

  • We keep safe hands and feet so that we don’t hurt ourselves or other people.

  • We choose our words carefully to show respect for each other.

  • We focus not fuss so that we own our own behaviour.

  • We listen to each other so that we get things right.

  • We are in the right place at the right time so that we are safe and secure.

  • We work hard and achieve GOLD standard so that we can be proud of ourselves and our work

  • We look after our school so that we have a GOLD standard place to work