Reading is an integral part of our curriculum and is a key driver for most subject areas. Our children are exposed to a range of high quality texts from a diverse selection of authors to expand their reading experience. We ensure leaders and all staff prioritise reading. Reading is taught in many different ways and opportunities to discuss reading preferences are built in to foster a love of reading. This love of reading is shared by staff who regularly model good reading and keep up to date with current authors and texts to ensure that our reading diet is varied, current and representative of the communities we live in. Our content is sequenced and supports progress, where children begin to fall behind plans are immediately put in place to ensure they catch up quickly.

Phonics Bug Club Phonics PDF (4.8MB)

Phonics is taught from the beginning of reception (Day1) or Nursery if attended by pupils. All books are phonetically decodable and we ensure we train all staff to ensure they are early reading experts. At SWP we use Bug Club Phonics, a comprehensive phonics teaching programme centred around an accessible and inclusive teaching approach. Evidence shows that working together fosters a sense of social inclusion for pupils and boosts the performance of those that may be progressing more slowly. It is one of the DfE’s approved systematic synthetic phonics programmes.

The authors of Bug Club Phonics were also the authors of the seven-year Clackmannanshire study that proved systematic synthetic phonics to be the most effective way to teach children to read. Bug Club Phonics offers a fully resourced systematic synthetic phonics programme based on a proven progression. Further information can be found by following the links below:

Bug Club

Bug Club Phonics

Rapid Phonics

Rapid Phonics- component chart


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